Game of Thrones S7E2 Reaction

Last Sunday continues the exceptional trend that is Game of Thrones. I did have to watch this episode twice due to  a roommate making wildfire Jell-o shots the first time around along with other concoctions. But nonetheless here are my thoughts to the second episode.

Much like my S7E1 reaction, here is a reminder of my prediction:

“Episode 2: Much of the beginning of this episode will focus on the politics Jon must face as the new King in the North. The majority of this episode however, will be the battle of the Iron Born.


I am proud to say I am essentially 2/2 on predicting how the episodes will play out. Jon does come to the reality of what it means to be a leader and making tough decisions. And also I cannot reiterate enough how much I despise Sansa in the show. She is going to absolutely suck as a stand-in ruler for the North while Jon is away visiting his Targaryen Aunt. The battle of the Iron Born was also amazing honestly. I told our readers not to sleep on Euron and I was right. He was a savage cutting down the Sand Snakes and capturing Ellaria and Yara. I honestly thought he was going to make Tyrion his gift for Cersi, but this was a pleasant curve ball. On a side note I do not hate Theon for fleeing into the water once Yara was defeated and captured. He already lived through Ramsey’s shenanigans via torture and emasculation. I think Theon knew Dany’s fleet needed to retreat to regroup and he will lead that charge to get Yara back.

I enjoyed this episode a bit more than the first due to the lack of action in the season opener.  The biggest thing I am curious to see is if Euron destroyed the entire fleet or only a part. That is definitely something that will need to be clarified soon. Also how about that Dr. Pimple Popper shit Jorah had to go through. Overall this season is shaping up to be amazing and I already cannot wait for next Sunday. Also (and more importantly) keep an eye out for more reaction posts along the way.

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