Game of Thrones S7 E1 Reaction

Now that everyone’s Sunday night is whole again with the return of HBO’s Game of Thrones, I figured now would be as good a time as any to share my thoughts on Sunday’s season opener. Let’s begin.


In my previous prediction post I gave my thoughts on what the first episode of the new season would look like. In case you forgot, here is a reminder:

“Episode 1: This will clearly encompass a recap of the previous season and perhaps a few important scene reminders of other seasons as well. After the recap, the episode will likely show a lot of dialogue among all the big characters in their respective settings. What I think will be huge here though, will be Danerys planning her attack on King’s Landing, but has not yet landed. Instead, at the end of this episode, Dany’s fleet will be met with Euron’s fleet as he plans to attempt to replace Yara and Theon.”


The prediction of there being a large recap is like predicting it will snow today in the North Pole. The big moment of Danny’s arrival was also the huge moment to end the episode, but what was different in my prediction was whether she would land in this episode or another. Last in my episode 1 prediction was the battle of the Iron Born. I had a feeling the writers were going to set up a battle between team Yara/Theon and their uncle Euron and it seems like we will get it. Both fleets are relatively close to each other making it even more likely. Viewers should probably be even more worried about Euron’s capability as well. He did sail all around the world learning new tricks and what not as well as Jaime also complimenting his tactics during the initial war Euron started. After seeing what Arya can do with the amount of training she received, I am eager to see an epic naval battle with a character we barley know who has years of training. Perhaps Episode 3 or 4 will give us the mid-season naval battle we all want.

Now let’s talk about a few awesome moments and scenes in the episode. My favorites were the first two, honestly. Arya shows off how much she has learned from her training and general bad-assery by killing the Fray family and we were teased of the Night King’s army which included a minimum of three giants. Last I checked the living no longer have any. It was also nice to see my hate for Sansa rekindle itself. Although I agree with her perspective in the Winterfell scene about Jon needing to be smarter than Ned and Rob, she challenges his fresh new authority right away in front of all the heads of houses. That is a big no no, Sansa. Little Finger will for sure pressure a stronger divide between the siblings. The King’s Landing scene showed two interesting things as well: the first being that the King’s (or in this case Queen’s) Guard have new darker-coated armor. Cersi is also in all black likely to represent death since you know she like totally killed a bunch of her own people and stuff. Secondly and more interestingly, the writers of the show are starting to show Jaime and Cersi as more of a couple rather than siblings. Perhaps to explore the second love they have for each other on a deeper level? Before this they obviously loved each other as family and there were a few risque scenes to show their lust, but not really love. I think with the writers doing this, it will be that much more emotional when Jaime kills Cersi (new prediction). With that, we will wait until next week for another gripping installment of Game of Thrones, and more importantly, my reaction piece.


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