Game of Thrones Episode Plot Predictions 777 Spectacular

In just seven days, the highly-anticipated season seven of HBO’s hit series Game of Thrones will be engulfing everyone’s Sunday night for about seven weeks. I myself took advantage of the extended gap between the previous season and the upcoming one to refresh myself with the whole story. With that said I will arrogantly attempt to predict what I think will happen in each episode of season seven.

Episode 1: This will clearly encompass a recap of the previous season and perhaps a few important scene reminders of other seasons as well. After the recap, the episode will likely show a lot of dialogue among all of the big characters in their respective settings. What I think will be huge here though, will be Danerys planning her attack on King’s Landing, but has not yet landed. Instead, at the end of this episode, Dany’s fleet will be met with Euron’s fleet as he plans to attempt to replace Yara and Theon.

Episode 2: Much of the beginning of this episode will focus on the politics Jon must face as the new King in the North. The majority of this episode however, will be the battle of the Iron Born.

Episode 3: The monkey wrench Euron throws into Dany’s plan causes her to land elsewhere before the invasion of King’s Landing. Littlefinger is also back in action and leaves the North with his forces as well after failing to divide Sansa and Jon.

Episode 4: Arya is moving southward to find Queen Cersi. However, she finds an exiled Melisandre on the road. Dead. Yes Melisandre finally dies this episode. The Brotherhood without Banners stumble upon the aftermath of Melisandre’s corpse and a bloody Arya. At first she is ready to fight, but the Hound steps in and convinces her to join the brotherhood on the march northward to fight the white walkers. Jon is still working on joining the wildlings and men of the north together as an alliance.

Episode 5: Bran and Meera cross the wall finally and make it to Castle Black only to find out they now need to travel to Winterfell to reunite with Jon. Dany struggles to maintain her abundant alliances of so many cultures. With that said the Dornish led by Ellaria and the Sand Snakes break formation and attempt King’s Landing only to be met with Cersi’s wild fire attacks. Dany uses her dragons put out the wild fire burning by fighting fire with fire.

Episode 6: The Official battle for King’s Landing is a 2 part piece Starting with the previous episode. Littlefinger finds an alliance with Cersi once again and the Knights of the Vale Join the Lannister Army in a two pronged attack to kill Dany. This is the EPIC episode of the season much like how “Battle of the Bastards” stole our breath in season six with excellent fight scenes .

Episode 7: King’s landing is finally taken with Cersi and Jaime captured. The Mountain fights to his death (again). Arya and the Brotherhood without Banners finds their way to Jon. Cersi is executed while Tyrion convinces Jaime’s life to be spared, But Jaime gets himself killed on purpose because of his love to Cersi. King’s Landing is in ruin, but the fighting in the south is over. The battle in the North is about to begin. Bran and Meera make it to Winterfell to reunite to last of the missing Stark children. As soon as that meaningful moment begins, the Wall is broken. Here come the White walkers led by the Night’s King.

**Gendry is still rowing btw

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